Styna, Munchkin and Bones!

Styna, Munchkin and Bones!
Mischief Managed!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Works in Progress, April '11 (part the third)

And finally... technically these two aren't yet started, since the yarn only arrived today, but I need to get them done sharpish as I'm trading them for artwork from this lovely lady at Easter :) Battlestar Mandala Hat - this hat will be based on the mural painted on Starbuck's wall from Battlestar Galactica, the pattern for which was made by QuirkyKnitGirl and lives here. I think this one will be a bit of a challenge, but I'm raring to go! The yarn which I eventually found here, knits up beautifully, and the colours are stunning :) Ma Cobb's Firefly Hat - Who can forget the touching gift Jayne's Mum sends him in Firefly? I know we can't in our house. My Mr made one of these a few years ago, but couldn't track down the Lopi yarn (which lives here), and settled for brown and black instead of Ma Cobb's original colourscheme - suits him though (see below). The pattern for this one was put together by Emisanboo (a crafter after Ma Cobb's heart), and lives here. My Mr, in his Jayne Cobb hat, on the way to the Isle of Mann.

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