Styna, Munchkin and Bones!

Styna, Munchkin and Bones!
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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Easter Knitting!

Hello crafters! Bones here! So, finally with the long Easter weekend, and the Royal Wedding/May Day Bank Holiday, I finally had some time to do some crafting!

With the sheer fact that I'm well aware that many of my friends are on the path to producing children in the near future, I decided that now was the time to learn how to follow patterns and make jumpers and hats! So, this was my first foray into such things. And I have to say, I'm rather impressed with how these turned out.

I started with the jumper.

This was a Sirdar pattern (Design 1220) made up using three 50g balls of Sirdar's Snuggly Stripes DK in shade 256. I planned to make this up for a 0-6 month old at first, before I realized that babies grow rather quickly, so 6-12 months would be better! It was the same amount of yarn etc. As a starter pattern it was fairly easy to follow - the trickiest parts being learning to pick up stitches for the neckband, working out what the pattern meant for the centre of the V-neck in the neckband, and learning how to sew seams. But once you work out exactly what you're doing, you're fine.

The easier of the two I have to say was the hat.
This T-bag hat is again Sirdar Snuggly Stripes DK in shade 252. I made this up for a 6-12 month old, which required two balls. Aside from the large amount of 2x2 rib (which got rather tiring after a while!) this was a very simple thing to knit. Making it up was simple in itself, making sure that half of the 2x2 rib band is sewn up the other way around to ensure that the seam is on the inside of the turn-up. The seam is sewn straight up the side, and then placed centrally at the back of the hat, before sewing across the crown. A few hours, some dedicated knitting, and a couple of seams later, and voila! One pretty baby hat!

I have more projects on the go (including more baby things, and a jumper not dissimilar to the baby one for myself) so I'll update you on the progress of those as I get around to finishing them!


  1. Great knitting Gemma! I love the yarn you chose

  2. Thanks! It's a lovely yarn to knit with, and it produces such fantastic results! The great thing with these patterns too is that you can use almost any Sirdar yarn to make these with (with potentially more/less balls needed depending on the size). And Sirdar have a Baby Crofter Fair Isle effect DK yarn that I'm using on my current WIP that is just gorgeous.