Styna, Munchkin and Bones!

Styna, Munchkin and Bones!
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Friday, 4 March 2011

Spring Scarf

So, I ventured into the wool shop one day with my Mum who wanted to get a pattern and some wool to do a project with when I saw this wool. 100% Bamboo and in various shades. And so the idea of doing a scarf was born! I've never done something so simple and so quick in my life. Honest!

After about 4 days I had this. It's about 82 inches long and only 4 inches wide (when unrolled).

So what do you need? Well this!

Three 50g balls of Wendy Pure 100% Bamboo (or whatever you fancy using)
5 . 5mm knitting needles

Step 1. Start by casting on 20 stitches.

Step 2. Knit your first row.

Step 3. Knit the first two stitches, then purl until the last two stitches, knit last two stitches.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the desired length! Simple!

Two and a bit balls of the Wendy's wool makes the scarf up to be 82 inches, which on my 5' 7" frame is to my belt. It also means I can wind the scarf once or twice depending on my mood. But really you could make this shorter, wider, different colours, whatever you feel like really!

I had this lilac colour wool which is Sirdar Just Bamboo already, and I've decided to do a similar thing here. With this I'm also doing a thin scarf, but becuase it is a block colour (not colour changing like the Wendy) I'm doing a 3x3 rib to gice it a bit of texture.

For this, simply cast on 21 stitches then work in a knit 3, purl 3 pattern for your first row, and purl 3, knit 3 for your second row, repeating until the desired length is required.

Just remember - whatever yarn you use, whether it's colour changing or a block colour, check that the dye lot numbers are the same!


  1. i like the way the pattern at the front of the throat lines up _exactly_ with the hyoid... can't get away from skell's, eh bonesy ;)

  2. Hehehe, you know what? I hadn't even noticed that... and I'm the bone lady! Ah, Munchkin, you know how to compliment a girl! ;)