Styna, Munchkin and Bones!

Styna, Munchkin and Bones!
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

I'm with Eeyore on This One...

First, an apology: Bonesy and I are doing NaNoWriMo at the minute and have therefore been concentrating all our available words on our novels, hence the lack of updates. So, sorry! We've still been crafting away of an evening, though, so expect a flurry of posts come december (since mine are largely christmas and birthday related, they're likely to be really cryptic) - including a couple of extra special ones about Bonesy's new shop, and our new partner, Krystyna.

But for now, I'm afraid you're stuck with my mini-rant :)

Do you know what I hate?


I mean, how difficult is it to join two pieces of yarn together without using a knot? Particularly raw wool fleece, and particularly when the culprit is a professional textiles company. And the sad thing, it's not just them - I've found knots in yarns from all manner of companies, and they all know how to fix it. I suppose it's just simpler not to.

So if you get a knot in the middle of your yarn (and it's wool, rather than cotton or acrylic) this is what to do:

Splay out the fibres at the ends of the yarn, and get wet (preferably using water); then overlap the two ends and rub them together between your hands in order to felt them. Easy.

See? :

Much better.

Ok, rant over :D

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